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Hungry Mature Anal

Tim scrambled up behind her and then guided his ready cock to her ass. Her rounded hard ass rises higher with a low moan. Theresa reaches behind grabbing her fine ass cheeks and slightly spread her shapely legs wider for balance. "I'm already a bitchy ass slut in heat," Theresa moans in a whisper, "Butt... Click to Read More

The Rock Climbing Lesson

Julia had decided that she wanted to make her rather dull life more exciting. Some of her friends always seemed to be off doing exciting things like skiing, dancing lessons or adventure holidays and she seemed to always be at home working. She wanted to be a more interesting person and also hoped... Click to Read More

Blondie’S Ass

I first spotted Blondie’s ass while she was bending over to pick up a large bag of sugar on the bottom shelf. She was wearing a mini-skirt and I could plainly see her white panties barely covering her behind. I looked around quickly to see if anyone else was around to catch the view of her behind. No one was so... Click to Read More

The Cheerleader

Sally had wanted to be a college cheerleader ever since she could remember. The problem was that she was not built like the other cheerleaders and she did not have the confidence to audition. She was not that straight stick thin build which many of cheerleaders seemed to be. She was well proportioned in her... Click to Read More

The Art Class

Tony had taken up art because he thought it would be a great way to meet women. He decided that a life class would be to his taste as he had always enjoyed painting people in the past. When he first went to the class he almost didn't return because all of the ladies there were either married or much older than... Click to Read More

The Bridesmaid

Shelley had been asked by her sister to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. She accepted, of course, for her sisters sake, but rather wished that she was not doing it. She was single and older than her sister and had always felt that she should have been the one that got married first. She was not confident with... Click to Read More

The Shopping Trip

She stumbled out of the department store with her pile of bags and boxes. It felt really good knowing that she had already got all of her Christmas shopping done but she was wondering how she would manage to get it all home. In the end she decided to get a cab home, she knew it would cost her a lot but at... Click to Read More

The Lap Dance

Carl had never been to a strip club before. It was not somewhere that he was likely to go to on his own and he had never hung out with the type of guys that went to that sort of thing. However, he had recently got invited to a stag night by his girlfriends brother and they were going out to a club to end off... Click to Read More

The Walk

Sarah had decided that going for a walk would be a great idea as the weather was so fantastic and she set off in the car to drive out to the country where she could have a lovely walk on the hilltop. She got to the car park and was surprised to find it empty apart from one car and she changed her shoes and strolled... Click to Read More

The Holiday

Scarlett had no intention of having a holiday romance which she booked her trip to sunny Spain. She was just getting over a relationship and had decided that it would be a good idea to get away in order to forget about things and then to plan her future. She was hoping for a lot of time alone with her thoughts... Click to Read More

The Shower

She was waiting. She had been waiting all day for him to return but she knew that he was due back soon and so it was time to get ready. She went upstairs and ran the shower to make sure that it was nice and hot when she got in and in the mean time took off her make up. She wanted to put some fresh make up on when... Click to Read More

Big Butt Bang

I fell in love with Rose’s big butt the moment that I first laid eyes on it. She was walking in front of me in the hallway of the court house. I was there to pay a parking fine and I was on my way out when the big butted brunette stepped in front of me. I enjoyed the view until she stepped into an outer office.... Click to Read More

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